There is such a story

There is such a story: 
In the past, there was a person liking saying the honest words, he spoke everything according to the fact, so, where no matter he gets, always driven away. In this way, he becomes penniless, there is no place to stay in. Finally, he comes to a convent, counting on can be accommodated into. Cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine president see he ask, understand reason, " love the truth, and respect those persons telling the truth " consciously ,Then, leave him in the convent and settle. 
There are several draught animals not serving the purpose in the convent, cultivates oneself according to a religious doctrine the president wants to sell them, but he dare, send a subordinate one who get country fair go, afraid of they sell for money of draught animal illegally possess purse. Then, he shouts this honest person leads to go to the country fair to sell two donkeys and a mule. Honest people only speak the truth and say in front of the buyer: "This broken donkey of tail is very lazy, like lying in the rare mud. One day, farm labourers wanted to drag it from the mud, put forth one's strength, dragged and broke the tail; This bald donkey is very stubborn, a step does not even want to go, they smoke it, because smoke too much, mao are bald; This mule, always and lame. " "If can do the work, why will the president sell them cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine? " The buyers left after listening to the words finally. The words spread on the country fair, no one came to buy these draught animals. Then, the honest person comes back to them in the convent again by night. Listen to honest person after telling thing that happen at the country fair, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine president take place, catch fire, say to him: "Friend, those right people that you drive away. 
Should leave you such people! Though I like the truth, however, I do not like those truth opposed with my purse! So, brother, please get away! Where you love somewhere to go! " 

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