The time for a moment

The time for a moment, several nails were all broken curved by him. 
Finally, he carries the nail with the pliers, break with strength with the hammer, the nail enters windingly into the stuff spraining at long last. But he all that has been achieved has come to nothing even, because that stuff has split into two too. 
The wise pick up the screw, screwdriver and hammer again, he breaks the nail gently to the plank, then pick up screwdrivers to twist, there is no fee big strength more, the screw has crept into the stuff, flawless. 
And his remaining screw, original that pinch. 
The wise point to two planks and smile: "Sincere advice needn't unpalatable, good medicine needn't earnestly, unpleasant but kind-hearted advice that people dwell upon with great relish, earnestly good medicine, in fact all the idiot's stupid methods. Confronting the tough with toughness has any advantage? The person saying is angry, the person that listens to gets angry, wounded and kind, so kind as to become cold and detached in the end, the friendship has been turned into hatred. I have lived so big, have a experience only, that does not propose sincere advice to anyone directly absolutely. Act as, need point out into others' mistake, I mild and indirect twists express own opinions and suggestions as screw. "   
Philosophic theory 016a¤ in life   
" the sincere advice needn't be unpalatable, good medicine needn't be bitter to the taste " ,In the human communication, should express one's own opinions and suggestions learning the mild and indirect twists as screw. In this way, your interpersonal relationships may be harmonious. 
Sincerity is not equal to "  Tell the truth "  

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