It is obvious

  My profuse sweating go to sleep. It is obvious how ignorant I am, can fall asleep, and sleep very fragrantly and sweetly, have not had the strange dream again. Perhaps, I should sleep attentively, the thing in the dream, had better finish in the dream.    
    I feel that there is a caterpillar that creeps into the nostril, itches strangely incomparably. I open eyes extremely unwillingly, have hit a loud sneeze. It is dusk, the sun went behind hiding in the rockery, there is morning glow all over the sky left. One is wiping the woman whose scarlet lip is drawing giant panda's eye shadow to stand in front of me, overlook me with a smile, has given me a start. She asks: "Why does the gentleman sleep here alone? " Her smile and all extraordinary professionalism of sound. I am busy with straightening one's clothes and sitting properly, say: "Oh, yes   Why do I sleep here alone? " The woman smiles, say: "The gentleman must meet the disturbing thing, can I accompany? " I understand what does her do, say: "No, it is unnecessary, I have no money, besides,   "The woman scrambles for roads: "Don't dislike me for being old, has not spent a lot of copper coins, the price depends on the quality, market economy. " I say: "I really have no money! I eat a whole day already, experience of me even pitiful than you! " The woman says angrily: "It doesn't matter, gentleman as if poor beggar spend son. If it is lonely which day you feel, please page me, guarantee to breathe out and arrive at the same time at the same time. , this is my business card. "    
    I take over one side to print three business cards which produce manager's title of the public relations of service company so-and-soes, one side feels laughable: This year, even prostitute has business cards. "Wait a moment! " I stop the woman wanting to leave. The woman turns round at once, look at me expectantly. I say: "You are easy to look familiar, remember, you   Moth's elder sister? " The woman is reticent for a moment, say coldly: "I am not any moth, writing on the business card, my name is Chang GuiZhen. " I say: "No, you are moth's elder sister! 15 years ago, you lived on worker's road No. 23, moved later. " The woman says: "15 years! How big just I am 15 years ago, how old are you just, how could remember! " I say: "I certainly remembered, I lived in your family next door before 15 years, worker's road No. 21. We go to school, leave school together, you belong to two higher than I grade   " "Shut up, you talk nonsense! " The woman upbraids one. I say: "I have not talked nonsense, I am, you ask

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